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Trying The Unique Pani Puri a la The Royal Kitchen Jakarta

Pani puri, a typical Indian street food that has a unique taste of a blend of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors with a crunchy texture on the outside makes this food very popular all over the world.
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Pani puri is a very popular street food in India and even around the world. This food, which is also known as Gol Gappa, has a unique taste. The combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavors coupled with a crunchy texture makes this snack unique and attractive. FYI, pani puri comes from the word pani which means water and puri which means crispy, hollow bread.

Historically, pani puri has roots in North India and is believed to have originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Pani puri was originally a dish served to royalty and made with wheat flour, chickpeas and tamarind juice. Over time, pani puri became a popular street food, and people started experimenting with different flavors and ingredients.

FYI, pani puri has many different variations across India, each with its own unique taste and style. In Mumbai it is served with sweet and sour chutney, whereas in Delhi is served with spicy mint chutney and coriander. In Kolkata, this pani puri is made with boiled potatoes, chickpeas and a spicy and sour sauce. In southern India, Pani Puri is made with a filling based on coconut water. Interesting and very varied, right?

Because of the popularity of pani puri, we have encountered it a lot in social media posts because the presentation is no less unique and for most Indonesians they know pani puri as a prindavan street food that is presented uniquely and seems unhygienic.

But not as imagined, pani puri can be presented with a more appetizing presentation as presented by The Royal Kitchen, an authentic Indian restaurant in South Jakarta. However, what about the taste? Don't worry because you can enjoy the uniqueness of pani puri with an authentic taste because it is made from ingredients brought directly from India. Not only that, your food is served by chefs who are brought directly from India too.

If you come for a reservation at The Royal Kitchen Jakarta, don't forget to visit the pani puri section which is near the open kitchen. Complete your curiosity right now. Let's try and visit The Royal Kitchen Jakarta at Mall Bellagio! See you there!